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Off and Running


The story so far:  My friend Stephen has decided to learn to cook.  To that end I got him a cookbook, Great Food Fast (Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food, Clarkson Potter, 2007), we’ve cooked one meal together, and now he’s been racing on ahead alone.  Here are the e-mails we sent back and forth about one of his recent triumphs.


I tried a very simple recipe, the Chicken Chilaquiles.  It turned out quite well but I will say I was a little frustrated when I went to the store to buy the ingredients.

The recipe called for a can of Chipotle peppers in Adobe sauce.  I assumed that this would be a product one could find fairly easily, but when I went to the Safeway, which has its own little Hispanic food section, I couldn’t find it.  I poked around and wasn’t even able to locate Chipotle peppers.  Taking your lead, I improvised and grabbed a jar of Adobe sauce and randomly pulled another type of Mexican pepper out of the produce section.

Well when all was said and done, it tasted great.

I also used the extra sour cream, Queso Fresca and cilantro to put a Mexican spin on the potato salad we made the other night.  Yum.  My cooking adventure begins and so far so good. 



> a can of Chipotle peppers in Adobe sauce …

Golly, even my white-bread QFC has them.  Did you look in the “ethnic foods” section?  Did you ask somebody at a check-out stand or customer service window?

> a jar of Adobe sauce and randomly pulled another type of Mexican pepper out of the produce section …

Wow!  You’re a natural, Stephen.  That potato salad sounds divine; I will have to make it myself some time soon.  Already you’re thinking through what kind of effect you want to achieve, what goes with what, Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work out.  I’m amazed.  I’m delighted.



Had some of the left overs today and it was even better after an evening in the fridge.

I think I will eat the potato salad heated.  I loved it when I ate it right out of the pot but after it cooled I realized that I am really not a big fan of cold potato salad.  I tested a little bit last night and it heats up just fine.  And I can add some fresh sour cream on top to make it even better.  The cilantro was a delicious addition. 

I finished up the rest of the potato salad last night (heated up…so not really potato salad.  More like a broken up baked potato.) With a little cool sour cream and Mexican cheese it was the furthest thing from a low fat meal.  And delicious, if perhaps not the most well rounded dinner.  Well, one step at a time.  I have the rest of the Mexican chicken here for lunch today (one serving went to my roommate and the other two have saved very nicely for lunches).  I am hoping to fire up the grill this and try the flank steak with green sauce this weekend!


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