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Hi, folks, Margaret’s doing swimmingly in school and I’m working on a new, short manuscript, so don’t expect any new posts till the end of September.  Thanks for all your help and good wishes, back as soon as I can, xxx, mcvl


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Here’s what I know about the mangosteen.

It’s a pretty little fruit, a dark ball exactly the right size to fit in your palm.  Its jaunty little stem end includes an opened husk in four parts, like a four-leafed clover.  All in all, the mangosteen looks like a fruit designed by Pixar.

Raw, it’s nice but very, very mild.  If you put it in a tropical fruit salad people probably wouldn’t notice that it was there.  That white thing — is it a loquat?  Is it a sapote?  Ah, a mangosteen.  It’s … nice.

Dehydrated, however, it comes into its own, with a tangy, mouthfilling round fruit flavor and a delightful two-part texture, yielding, yielding, yielding and then crunch, as you crunch the edible seed.  I love dried mangosteens.  I love them.

Trader Joe’s carried dried mangosteens very briefly after July 23, 2007, when the USDA began permitting mangosteens from Thailand to enter the U.S.  They were delicious!  Where have they gone?

TJ’s still has freeze-dried mangosteens, which are OK.  I’ve been using them to nurse myself through withdrawal.  But where are the dried mangosteens?  Bring me back my dried mangosteens.  I want them.

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