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I had been looking in several of Sri Owen’s cookbooks and in several other Indonesian cookbooks, so I thought nothing of it when I couldn’t find her beef and cabbage dish in the index for The Indonesian Kitchen.  Must be in one of the other books, I thought.

But no, there it was on page 183: boiled and braised beef with cabbage.  So I looked again in the index.  Nothing under beef.  (There is a page 183 listed along with nine other page numbers after “beef,” but it hasn’t been italicized, as recipe pages are supposed to be, and none of the pages are explained.)  Nothing under cabbage.  Sigh.

So I’ve done a detailed table of contents for the book and put it as the first posting on my cookbook indexes blog.  If you print it out, it’s nowhere near as good as a true index, but given that you can search it online, I’m hoping it will do.  The cookbook is wonderful.  I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise.


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